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TCP/IP Application Layer Protocols for Embedded Systems

TCP/IP Application Layer Protocols for Embedded Systems(Networking Series)
Publisher:Charles River Media (2002-06) | ISBN-10: 1584502479 | PDF | 5.3 Mb | 460 pages

Communication is fast becoming a general requirement for embedded systems in our increasingly connected world. In fact, it's difficult to find embedded systems that include no form of external communication. Embedded systems are now transmitting electric meter readings over low-bandwidth wireless links to alleviate the need to read them visually. Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and wireless links with embedded systems are also used to pinpoint the exact location, speed, oil pressure, and other parameters of fleets of trucks anywhere in the country. Creation of these and other networked applications are the focus of this book. Using practical tutorials on TCP/IP application layer protocols such as HTTP, SMTP, POP3, SNMP, and SLP, developers learn how to develop and deploy these protocols in their embedded systems.

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