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DVD ReBuilder Pro 1.26.2

The Professional Edition includes numerous improvements over the freeware version and a newer modernized interface. Several improvements to the redistribution processing. Added support for redistribution to CCE Basic and ProCoder. Fixed a bug related to bottom field sources and CCE SP2. Other minor bug fixes and cosmetic improvements.

DVD Rebuilder PRO features:

* NEW! Now you can use DVD-RB to create MOBILE video output!

* Closed Captions - Now DVD-RB will extract closed caption data from the original DVD and remultiplex it into the MPEG stream during REBUILD.

* Menu Encoding - The ability to scan and reencode menu segments in the same way as standard title sets.

* Multiple encoder instances - On multiple core computers and some very fast single core computers using hyperthreading this will take advantage of unused processor time.

* Movie and Menus Only capability - allows you to get the best quality within limited available space.

* Movie and Menus Only capability - allows you to get the best quality within limited available space.

* Segment Blanking - Provides you a capability to remove annoying intro screens.

* Slideshow Mode - Convert “Extra” segments into a slideshow, saving valuable space for the Feature.

* Advanced Encoding Features - Modify GOP size, add customized encoder quantizer matrices, set DC precision.

* Movie-Only - mode that gives the highest quality possible. Every available bit is dedicated to the feature.

* One pass encoding support for HC encoder - Gives high quality results in much less time.

* Graphic Analysis display for use in analyzing the IFO structure - draws PGC/CELL relationships.

* ISO file creation is now supported to make it easier to archive or burn DVD-RB’s output.

* Automatic burning using ImgBurn or DVD Decrypter - makes complete DVD Backup truly “one-click”.

* Remapping audio tracks - set the default to your language or preferred format.

* New intuitive interface - modernizes and simplifies control of your rebuild!

* Full support for video interleaving (ILVU) - re-encodes angle and seamless branching.

* …and more… with many additional features planned in the near future!

Size: 10.8mb

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