segunda-feira, 3 de setembro de 2007

Tactical Ops - Assault on Terror - PC Game

Like the popular Half-Life: Counter-Strike team-based shooter, Tactical Ops lets players assume the role of a terrorist or an anti-terrorist special forces soldier, and they must work with a team of other players in order to complete certain objectives, such as rescuing hostages, defending vessels, and capturing hideouts. In addition to the multiplayer mode, the game includes a complete single-player campaign.

This stand-alone game is based on a user-made counter terrorism mod for Unreal Tournament. It features more than 30 different maps, more than 20 real-world weapons, and 11 detailed character models and skins.

Download FastLink

The Original game is on the Oldest Patch, 3.1.9. In order for this game to be better, consider downloading the later patch, 3.4. Here is the download link.

Download Patch

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